kinetic system

ki·net·ic sys·tem

1. that part of the neuromuscular system whereby active movements are effected; distinguished from the static system;
2. an obsolete term proposed by GW Crile to denote that chain of organs through which latent energy is transformed into motion and heat: it includes the brain, the thyroid, the adrenals, the liver, the pancreas, and the muscles.
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The climate can be thought of as a balanced kinetic system which has energy input (solar radiation), and energy loss (to space) moderated by cloud cover, ocean circulation, ice sheet cover, atmospheric particulates and concentrations of greenhouse gases.
EA SPORTS' kinetic system accurately reflects the first touch of every player in FIFA Football 2005's database of 18 leagues, 38 national teams and 15,000 players by directly translating their speed and vision to button presses on your controller.
It combines the unique internally dynamizing features of the original KINETIC System along with the zero-step locking mechanism of the NEO(R)-SL static plating system.
New IVIS Kinetic System Extends Application Breadth of Market-Leading IVIS Instrument Family -
Using an all-new fluid player kinetic system, a player's first touch becomes a key advantage for players who can think quickly and act fast to outsmart the competition.
The success of this week's demonstration extends the previously announced Repeatable Access Denial System (RADS) from its original 16mm caliber kinetic system up to a 40mm bursting, explosive munition system.
In winning the award, the Kinetic system was cited for "simplicity and value as compared to active systems, application across all vehicle segments, and both on-road comfort and 'awesome' off-road capability.
Compared with more complicated products that require mechanical pumps, the Kinetic system offers greater packaging flexibility and is substantially more cost effective.
Visiongain's report excludes optics based seeking systems such as infrared seekers and laser seekers installed on kinetic systems and also exclude flare systems.
Sydney Water is examining options to lower its costs by further reducing energy use and by increasing renewable energy generation in areas such as biogas, hydro kinetic systems, waste heat and, perhaps in future, other new energy sources, said Mr Batchelor.
The winners were Gareth Corcoran, of ESE Engineering Systems; Michael Sykes, of Bradley-based heating and ventilation engineers Kinetic Systems Ltd; Luke Ashton, of RK Electrical Ltd; Andrew King, of BMC Electrical Services; and Adam Reynolds, of Albert Tattershall Ltd, who took the Personal Achiever of the Year Award.
All these make the kinetic systems performances of recovery successful as their weight is smaller and smaller.