body scheme

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1. a calculated plan of action.
2. schema.
body scheme the acquisition of an internal awareness of the body and the relationship of body parts to one another; a sensorimotor performance component of occupational therapy.
Intervention scheme see intervention scheme.
Problem Classification scheme see problem classification scheme.

body scheme

a piagetian term for a cognitive structure that develops in infants in the sensorimotor period during the first 2 years of life as they learn to differentiate between themselves and the world around them.

bod·y scheme

(bod'ē skēm)
A kinesthetic awareness of body parts and the relationship of those parts to one another and to objects in the environment.
Synonym(s): kinesthetic awareness.

body scheme

Knowledge of one's body parts and their relative positions.
See: proprioception
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Enroll in somatic education courses--such as the Alexander Technique or Feldenkrais Method--to experience optimal dynamic alignment and to awaken your own kinesthetic awareness.
De Groot identifies the source of early mechanical knowledge in kinesthetic awareness of mechanical advantage, showing the relation of Aristotle's empiricism to more ancient experience.
I talk about providing that environment in which the human sitting in a box on the ground would have the same kinesthetic awareness of the aviator sitting in a platform in the middle of a combat environment," Hostage told the Stars & Stripes website.
The Lil' Rams curriculum will improve athletic ability, the child's ability to sense movement within their joints, kinesthetic awareness, and of course they will gain football knowledge.
The drastically different relationship to gravity in aerial dance is an added bonus: Heather Hammond, director and head instructor of Heliummm Aerial Dance and Entertainment in New York, says that aerial work improves a dancer's sense of kinesthetic awareness.
She designed a programme for local nurseries last helping to develop children's kinesthetic awareness and fitness using drama and dance.
For stuntmen, air-sense - your ability to have kinesthetic awareness of where you are in the air - that's incredibly valuable.
She has to be fast and tough, and have that kinesthetic awareness - knowing where she is when she's upside down and backwards," he said.
Carrying this increased kinesthetic awareness and efficiency to the rest of your workout with running and weight training increases the effectiveness and safety of your overall training.
Other possible physical benefits of dance for older adults include: improved balance, coordination and kinesthetic awareness, improved alignment with decreased arthritis difficulties, insomnia, neuromuscular hypertension, and low back pain.
There are lineages in the history of kinesthetic awareness.
With SimWelder, real-time visual cues lead students to better kinesthetic awareness.