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kiloliter (kL)

Etymology: Gk, chilioi, thousand; Fr, litre
unit of volume equivalent to 1057 quarts, 1000 liters, or 1 cubic meter (1 m3). Also spelled kilolitre.


(kĭl′ō-lē″tĕr) [Fr. kilolitre],


One thousand liters.
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Among major producers of ethanol in the country are PT Bukit Manikam Subur Persada in Lampung with a production capacity 51,282 kiloliters a year in 2005, PT Indo Acidarma Chemical in Surakarta with a production capacity of 42,000 kiloliters.
15) One notices that for the year 1944 gasoline imports were zero, but in 1945 imports amounted to 77,988 kiloliters (20.
However, projected sales of the company's ''Kirin Lager'' and ''Classic Lager'' brands are expected to total some 819,000 kiloliters, or 64.
At that point, around 2005, production is projected to increase to 200,000 kiloliters.
However, since then demand from power companies and airlines has been falling faster than expected, and the company decided a larger cut by 14% or 400,000 kiloliters would be necessary, a company official said.
The new plant will be capable of producing up to 12,700 kiloliters a year, which is about 10 percent of the amount currently produced at the company's plant in Japan.
From Iran last year, Japan imported around 11 million kiloliters of crude oil, down sharply from around 28.
48 million kiloliters for the fourth consecutive monthly decline, while domestic sales decreased 0.
Pertamina marketing director Ahmad Faisal Pertamina has 43 units of SPBU with daily sales of more than 50 kiloliters each.
8% from a year earlier to 3,443,949 kiloliters, propelled by competition for sales of happoshu.
As per the NOC sources, an additional 14,000 kiloliters will be added to the stock targeting the election immediately after the Tihar festival.
61 million kiloliters for the third consecutive monthly decline, while their domestic sales rose 1.