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kilobyte (K, kb)

one thousand (or, more precisely, 1024) bytes.
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So the 1,024 kilobytes (1 megabyte) that you see in Figure 1 was pretty much it.
A document that takes up 20 kilobytes when scanned may actually contain less than two kilobytes of useful information.
When expanded memory hardware and software device drivers are present, AT-class machines have access to extended memory and PCs can access unused higher conventional memory above 640 kilobytes.
Be sure the laptop has at least 128 kilobytes of cache memory--256 is better.
Applications then have more of the original 640 kilobytes of RAM to use, making them faster and more reliable.
65 Germantown Court Suite 303 Cordova, Tennessee 38018 (901) 757-2372 Price: Total package, $3,000; fixed-assets module only, $750; contributions module only, $1,500 Requirements: 640 kilobytes RAM, 20 megabytes hard disk, DOS 3.
MAR series of 2G and 3G SIM cards available with EEPROM memory from 32 kilobytes to 1 megabyte complying with 3GPP Release 5 and Release 6 specifications.
At the Cartes 2000 exhibition, Bull (Paris Bourse: 52 60 BUL) announced the SIM ROCK card which, with 64 kilobytes of memory, has the biggest storage capacity on today's market.
Ember's EM250 system-on-chip, 128 kilobytes of flash memory, 5 kilobytes of RAM, 16-bit microcontroller, 2.