kampo formulations

kampo formulations (kämˑ·pō fōrˈ·my·lāˑ·shnz),

n.pl Herbal combinations from traditional Japanese medicine.
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Kampo formulations are therefore often used in combination with synthetic drugs (Akase et al.
To date, although the influence of Kampo formulations on the pharmacokinetics of synthetic drugs has been studied (Ohnishi et al.
As a part of our research interest in the study of pharmacological evidences for the use of Kampo formulations including SGT, the present study was designed to examine the influence of a co-administered laxative (sodium picosulfate) on the metabolism of PF to PM-I by intestinal bacteria and the alteration of the bioavailability of PM-I resulting from SGT.
In contrast to synthetic drugs, the efficacy of numerous Kampo formulations is generally related to the presence of glycosides (e.