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(kil?o-pas-kal') [Fr. kilo, a thousand, + Pascal, Fr. scientist],


In SI units, a unit of pressure equal to 1000 pascals. Attempts to have blood pressure expressed in kPa have not been accepted.
See: pascal


n kilopascal. See pascal.


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KPA Engineering also has commissions from the Norwegian oil industry, an area with a continuing need for engineers," Westergard added.
Table--1 Credit for the property sector by types of credit, 2000-2005 (Rp billion) Types of credit 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Construction credit 5,866 6,898 7,500 9,483 15,864 Real estate credit 5,872 5,239 5,727 7,395 9,324 KPR KPA 15,976 19,912 21,773 30,108 42,099 Total 27,714 32,049 35,000 46,986 67,287 Types of credit 2005 * Growth (%/y) Construction credit 20,915 30.
He hailed Kim's leadership in managing the KPA and the whole country, calling him ''more than a military strategist.
The Swedish property company Nordisk Renting AB said today (18 November) that it had acquired the pensions company KPA AB's headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden in a SEK350m deal.
Immediately after the final whistle, KPA top brass led by General Manager Human Resource and administration Amani Komora joined the players into song and dance celebrating the win.
If they fail to make the trip, KPA will move to the finals.
KUWAIT, Dec 20 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Ports Authority Sunday announced agreements with tugboat captains "who declined to perform their duties" regarding their demands, while saying KPA recruited volunteering captains to make sure towing would not be interrupted.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 25, 2013-NCC announces sale of 330 environmentally certified rental apartments to KPA Pension for SEK667m(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
10 September 2013 - Norwegian financial and insurance group Storebrand ASA (OSL:STB) said TuesdayA it had secured competition clearance in Sweden for unit SPPa[euro](tm)s proposed sale of Sweden-based SPP Liv Pensionstjanst AB to insurance and pension services firm KPA Pension AB.
KPA Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un, also first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defense Commission, was present at the meeting.