jungle yellow fever

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jun·gle yel·low fe·ver

a form occurring in South America, transmitted by Aedes leucocelaenus and various treetop mosquitoes of the Haemagogus complex; transmitted normally to primates, occasionally by chance to humans to set off a human outbreak of classical yellow fever transmitted by Aedes aegypti.
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During 1998 to 1999, 106 cases of jungle yellow fever were confirmed, with 40 deaths (37.
Rio de Janeiro State is not endemic for jungle yellow fever, but in January 2000, the Oswaldo Cruz Institute confirmed a case of yellow fever in a 24-year-old woman who had traveled to a national park in Goias State on December 28, 1999, with a group of 17 persons.
Unvaccinated persons who visit yellow fever-endemic areas pose a high risk of introducing jungle yellow fever cases into nonendemic areas.