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n Japanese martial art and sport derived from jujutsu; relies primarily on grappling techniques and a philosophy that emphasizes yielding instead of resistance.
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Syed Aqil Shah also appreciated KP Jujitsu Association for holding the Championship in which teams from all the seven regions took part.
The 13-year-old Norris Green schoolboy, who is trained by Jack Marshall at he B K R Jujitsu Club, took up the skill when he was only six years of age.
Baghdad, May 10, (VOI) a" Iraq will launch its local jujitsu and sumo wrestling competitions in early June in the capital Baghdad, the chairman of Iraq's Central Jujitsu and Sumo Wrestling Federation said on Saturday.
STREET-SMART Belvedere School pupils are being taught how to stay safe with lessons in jujitsu led by a Sixth Dan martial arts master.
jujitsu class is drawing 46 students to a course that just might be the first of its kind in the state.
But Jujitsu, not judo, is nowhere as near as dangerous as rugby as there's no eye-gouging and you don't get the battering we do on the rugby pitch where you're sometimes on the wrong end of a sneaky punch.
Computer science student Andrew Diamond is short-listed for a Higher Education Active Community Fund award in recognition of his voluntary work with the St John Ambulance and as a jujitsu teacher.
Kevin O'Connor, who also works as a fight advisor to TV shows, is one of the most highly regarded jujitsu and karate instructors in the UK.
It all amounted to what Crawford calls "a miraculous feat of political jujitsu.
Extreme Shootfighting: Shootfighting Secrets From A Champion Fighter is a DVD that introduces the viewer to the martial art of Shootfighting: a mix of Thai kickboxing jujitsu, and submission wrestling, designed to make a well-rounded fighter skilled in both stand-up fighting and groundfighting.
Weber riffs on everyone from jujitsu master Rickson Gracie to a rock-and-roll surfing family who lived next to the Nixons.