judicial process

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judicial process,

n the rules that determine the role of judge and jury in the courtroom as well as the jurisdiction of the individual courts over specific areas of law.
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The Singapore Government respects the laws and judicial process of Indonesia in connection with Mr Shoos case, but remains deeply concerned over his prolonged detention and long-drawn judicial process.
Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya also released a statement Monday, criticizing the slow judicial process.
When you hold a position like that, you have to be careful not to interfere with the judicial process.
Lawyer of Green Artvin Association Bedrettin Kalyn stated that they could not understand why the firm can do such a thing while the judicial process is still continuing and they decided to gather to protect nature and right to live within judicial framework.
Through the judicial process, we will know who is the guilty party or the innocent one.
John Mann, a member of the Commons Treasury select committee, said a judicial process was needed to find out who was to blame - and try to claw bonuses back.
The prosecution said that the report was an attempt to foil the judicial process by urging the special court to come to a decision regarding further interventions without expressing as to whether the pre-requisite tests prior to angiogram had been performed, the Express Tribune reports.
Nobody, even if you've a collar around your neck, has a right to interfere in the judicial process.
The program of the summit involves presentations on best practices on transparency in judicial processes, revision of the draft declaration on the transparency of the judicial process, reports and discussion.
The second on applications includes chapters on eminent domain and just competition, patent law, pharmaceutical patents and film industry copyrights, contract law, business outsourcing, tort law, efficiency of liability rules, the Indian Electricity Act, initial public offerings institutions, and legal and judicial process in India.
The men are also on trial in another case at the Lower Criminal Court for insulting the judicial process.
Following a similar rationale, the Supreme Court has extended judicial immunity to "certain others who perform functions closely associated with the judicial process.