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jowl 1

1. The jaw, especially the lower jaw.
2. The cheek.

jowl 2

1. The flesh of the lower cheeks or lower jaw, especially when plump or flaccid.
2. A fleshy part similar to a jowl, such as the dewlap of a cow or the wattle of a fowl.


external throat or upper neck, especially if fat or loose skin is present. Anterior to the dewlap.

jowl abscess
References in classic literature ?
So he ran all the night till he came to the cave; but the trees and the creepers on his path, remembering the order that Tha had given, let down their branches and marked him as he ran, drawing their fingers across his back, his flank, his forehead, and his jowl.
He strained and tugged at the grip, trying to twist his jowl in the slack of skin so as to reach a bite.
Daughtry caught him by the jowl instead and slowly moved his head back and forth as he addressed him:
I go on then,' said Jowl, 'where I left off, when you got up so quick.
Toward the shaven monk who trudged along with his cowl tilted back and the sweat washing down his fat jowls, the coal-burner was deeply reverent; to the gentleman he was abject; with the small farmer and the free mechanic he was cordial and gossipy; and when a slave passed by with a counte- nance respectfully lowered, this chap's nose was in the air -- he couldn't even see him.
Like well-schooled terriers, they paced the corridors with us, but I could not help but note the lathering jowls, nor the hungry expressions with which they eyed Tars Tarkas and myself.
But that my bullet took effect was evident from the howl of rage and pain that broke from the frothing jowls.
Another warning growl vibrated the heavy jowls, and the king of beasts turned majestically about and paced slowly up the trail into the dense reeds.
Sweat rolled down his bullet head and stood upon his heavy jowls and bull neck.
The man watched the slow approach of the monster, the slavering jowls, the malignant expression of the devilish face.
Paddy, grown sleek and handsome again, was sitting on the stone itself, washing his jowls.
Low growls vibrated his heavy jowls and his great rage transmitted to his sinuous tail a sharp, whiplike motion; but realizing from past experience the futility of long distance argument with the ape-man, he turned presently and struck off into the tangled vegetation which hid him from the view of his tormentor.