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a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as promotion of writing as a means to provide opportunities to reflect upon and analyze past events, experiences, thoughts, and feelings. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.


(jŭr′năl-ng) [O.Fr. journal, daily]
Keeping a diary or journal as a means of self-exploration, stress reduction, or enlightenment.

Patient discussion about journaling

Q. where can you find the biofeedback device shown in Dr. Liponis' column in Parade magazine on 12/14/08 I need to know where you canpourchase the biofeedback device and where you can get instructions on its use

A. if you ask me- before buying any new device, it might be a good idea to try it. go to couple of sessions with a certified therapist. see if you react well and then buy a machine. i'm sure he can recommend certain brands and what to avoid.

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The combination of emotional and cognitive expression utilized in Interactive Journaling has been shown to be more effective than cognitive processing alone in regard to behavior change (Frattaroli, 2006).
Hypothesis 4: Basic journaling behavior on blogs will increase social reward and information reward.
Open-ended questions were used to gather initial evaluative data from all the internship students (N = 20) regarding the reflective video journaling experience.
All students having experiences at the AHA participated in reflective journaling as they progressed through the curriculum.
SHARING PERSONAL IDEAS The freedom of self-expression and open-mindedness allowed in visual journaling might encourage students to reveal personal issues, some of which may be alarming.
Traditionally, Steps Four and Eight require putting pen to paper, yet many people use journaling techniques as they work each of the 12 Steps.
Reflective journaling can take place at any step in the ARRIVE cycle.
Barclay (1996) found that participants who did well journaling also did well on their exams.
Recently, I encountered a friend in her late 60s who is fond of daily journaling, as I am.
Journaling might help her to figure it out, so Molly begins writing in her burgundy-and-gray unlined notebook, a birthday gift from her best friend, Vicky.
Of course, as the book points out, nature journaling is not new.