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a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as promotion of writing as a means to provide opportunities to reflect upon and analyze past events, experiences, thoughts, and feelings. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.


(jŭr′năl-ng) [O.Fr. journal, daily]
Keeping a diary or journal as a means of self-exploration, stress reduction, or enlightenment.

Patient discussion about journaling

Q. where can you find the biofeedback device shown in Dr. Liponis' column in Parade magazine on 12/14/08 I need to know where you canpourchase the biofeedback device and where you can get instructions on its use

A. if you ask me- before buying any new device, it might be a good idea to try it. go to couple of sessions with a certified therapist. see if you react well and then buy a machine. i'm sure he can recommend certain brands and what to avoid.

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Nature's peer review experiment is over, and the journal is now analyzing the results.
International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.
Wiley has also entered into an agreement with the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS; London) to publish all five of its journals, including "International Journal of Climatology," "Atmospheric Science Letters," "The Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society," "Meteorological Applications" and "Weather.
This learning journal has helped me to be a more effective learner through critical reflective thinking about my learning experience.
Thus, EHP provided a forum for the dissemination of credible environmental health information to meet the needs of the scientific community; that is, the journal was a vehicle that aided in the translation of research into practice, However, the research papers often were not easily understood by the informed lay public.
Gottfredson opened a special issue of the Journal of Career Assessment (Walsh, a) on cognitive career assessment with the statement, "Abilities are as important as interests in career choice and development" (p.
Digital distribution does not necessarily mean the end of the traditional journal, but it does provide many alternatives to journal article delivery.
Keeping a personal journal is a very private experience.
The people who write for The Journal of Cell Biology work on projects supported by the government in federally funded laboratories.
Farm Journal was viewed as the place to get practical, not theoretical, information on how to be a better farmer, and Atkinson didn't accept advertising for snake oil," says Hillgren.
Special note: the Journal of Economics and Sociology go out of their way to indicate that fees are not charged to the writer.
I am especially thankful for the interest shown by President Cordell Maddox and Vice President Michael Carter in bringing the journal to Carson-Newman.