joint probability

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joint prob·a·bil·i·ty

the probability that two or more outcomes are realized jointly.
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If X and Y are independent of each other, the joint probability density function is written as equation (7).
It is noted that even if some users provide only one or two attributes, we still have a chance to reduce the number of rows in the joint probability table because some combinations of attribute values may be inconsistent with the provided attribute values and the joint probabilities of them can be dropped.
A Bayesian Network N is represented as a graphical distribution of the joint probability between a set of random variables [28].
Table 21 contains the joint probability of injury calculated for the AM50 in NCAP crash tests.
A joint probability distribution is the probability distribution of a multidimensional vector--each dimension representing a separate variable within a study.
Mathematically, a BNs represents a joint probability distribution P over a set of random variables X = {[X.
The more compact representation of the joint probability makes the probability calculation easier.
According to the chain rule, Bayesian network G decides a joint probability distribution as:
Given a forecast that is a joint probability distribution, one can calculate the probability of decisive vote using simulation or, in a setting such as a national election in which the probability of a tied election is tiny, one can use a mix of simulation and analytic calculations as was done by Gelman, King, and Boscardin (1998).
The approach requires estimation of joint probability distributions from a four-dimensional joint feature histogram.
The service is based on an advanced statistical modelling approach called Bayesian Joint Probability (BJP), which provides the information on likely water inflows into major rivers and storage systems three months ahead through modelling the likelihood of streamflows exceeding various volumes.

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