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Biblical character in the Old Testament who suffered from skin and bowel disease, from which he recovered.
Job syndrome - Synonym(s): Buckley syndrome
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For a fair, workmanlike job, he'll find me his man.
Then we whirled in with the pick and shovel, and in about two hours and a half the job was done.
But there warn't any other place as handy after that fool of a job.
Wickens that I am the last person in Lyvern you would trust with a job.
When they were leaving or when they came back from the holidays, the boys kissed her fat red cheek; and more than one, dismissed and unable to find another job, had got for nothing food to keep body and soul together.
As for Job Rowsell, well, he ain't here--not just at this moment, so to speak.
If you quit your job tomorrow and went to work on another paper, you would write just what you were told to write.
In the course of the day's work he casually and briefly mentioned a particular job he had just got off his hands.
That gentleman was depicted as an intelligent, dignified businessman who had no patience with his brother-in-law's socialistic views, and no patience with the brother-in-law, either, whom he was quoted as characterizing as a lazy good-for-nothing who wouldn't take a job when it was offered to him and who would go to jail yet.
I will say that the job is yours when I smash Hanson.
Freddie Drummond found the other men on the same job with him jogging along and earning a dollar and seventy-five cents a day.
The jute mills failed of its agreement to increase my pay to a dollar and a quarter a day, and I, a free-born American boy whose direct ancestors had fought in all the wars from the old pre- Revolutionary Indian wars down, exercised my sovereign right of free contract by quitting the job.