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jesse, jess

a leather strap placed around each shank of a hawk used for hunting, for the attachment of a leash.
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Dad Ian Ferguson added: "Having already raised money for a cancer charity in memory of her papa, Jess wanted to help raise money for Alzheimer Scotland following her gran's vascular dementia diagnosis in 2013.
Two minutes later Jess set up Georgie to fire home from 25 yards.
For the TV challenge, Jess took 30 hours to knit an intricate festive jumper and less than 90 minutes to make a bobble hat.
But a lot of things can happen in four years, and the synopsis for episode 2 suggests that Jess and Nick will already be married in Season 7.
They presented as witnesses the registered nurse who assisted in the delivery of Sonny at her clinic who submitted the clinical records of Sonny, and the brother of Jess who said that Jess was already sterile and could not bear a child, and that he boy named Jess Jr was only an adopted son.
For the past two years, Jess has served as the online editor for Little Rock Soiree and as the editor of FIT Arkansas magazine.
In the less than two years since Jess arrived in the House of Commons, she has planted her standard, set out her stall and been more effective in influencing public debate than she seems to realise.
After Jess impersonated Julie Andrews and Katherine Jenkins, Simon told her: "You've conquered the nerves, and gone through the divorce.
Speaking ahead of last night's audition, Jess, 33, admitted the divorce had left her at the lowest ebb of her life.
Three-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Jess lives with Marion and William Reid in Barrhead, Renfrewshire.