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And only expect a placebo effect from sweating out a cold, carrots to improve eyesight, seawater to clean a cut, butter to soothe a burn, urinating on a jellyfish sting (vinegar is better), rubbing turmeric powder into the scalp to cure baldness, and wearing socks with onions in overnight to combat a cold.
As for how to treat a jellyfish sting, vinegar can apparently provide a solution.
Other cases included three shooting incidents, two incidents each on electrocution and boat accident, and one case of jellyfish sting.
So far only one incident of jellyfish sting has been reported.
A jellyfish sting can lead to itching and allergies.
Applying vinegar is a common first aid for jellyfish sting.
A Bridgend Council spokesman warned: "A jellyfish sting is delivered by its tentacles, so be wary and make sure to keep your face and any exposed skin clear.
Effective products preventing stings are limited, but "Safe Sea" Jellyfish Sting Protection Lotion is helpful and has formulations for children and also products incorporating sunscreen.
Fortunately, my mother always had answers to ease the pain a seemingly innocent trip to the beach could cause: meat tenderizer for a jellyfish sting and trusty aloe vera for a sunburn.
The best product for preventing jellyfish stings is a combination sunscreen/topical jellyfish sting inhibitor called Safe Sea, Paul S.