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n. pl. jealous·ies
A jealous attitude or disposition.


n resentment against a rival or competitor. It may be a significant barrier to functional interpersonal relationships within any group.
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Harris reviewed men's and women's self-reports and psychophysiological reactions, as well as data on morbid jealousy, spousal abuse, and jealousy-inspired homicides in a variety of jealousy provoking situations.
We hold that Bendrix's love jealousy and hatred overshadow Sarah's sainthood.
And jealousy can actually motivate them to perform better
Although the play's gender reversal is indicative of the wives' celebrated resourcefulness and their shrewd supervision of the domestic realm, it thus diverges from Shakespeare's larger pattern of representing jealousy and its cure.
But regardless of how we may justify feelings of jealousy and resentment, they are wrong and should be fought against.
Most married couples suffer from the jealousy of their mothers-in-law.
net, Haifa stated that she is also a jealous person when it comes to her husband, but her jealousy is balanced and her husband's attitude makes it easy for her to control her jealousy.
And in typical Hollyoaks style, you can rest assured it will be a week of holiday romance, jealousy and parties, with lots of drama thrown into the mix.
He added: "There's a lot of jealousy when someone is even mildly successful.
Blonde single mum Karen, 40, fell foul of lover Michael Heighton's jealousy over the other men in her life.
Premiering for its first time, Summer Children is a stylish tale about youth, sexuality, jealousy and love.
When jealousy emerges from low self-esteem, your first move is to learn to love yourself.