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Rather, the poem captures the sensuality of jazz by juxtaposing the music with phrases that evoke eroticism.
Playing jazz is the most challenging, interesting and enjoyable way to connect theory and performance at any level.
It is an honor to be recognized by Mellon Jazz for our contributions to the local and national jazz community," says Marty Ashby, executive director of MCG Jazz.
So, on a cold Tuesday morning, on the last day of Black History Month, the president of the Los Angeles Jazz Society parks her traveling A Train of jazz musicians outside the Sylmar school auditorium and walks inside with a five-piece group.
Interviews with leading ladies in jazz detail the ups and downs female musicians face in a male-dominated profession.
216 621-7907) Monday night football specials, swing and salsa classes, jazz, spoken word, jungle lounge, and funk nights.
Jazz is, quite literally, the textual negotiation of freedom through the grammar of the erotic.
It made sense, too: As Reagan was taking the country back to traditional values, so was Marsalis, the new jazz savior.
In his soul, though, Gold is a jazz musician, and he has endeavored now to fuse the worlds of music, business, and education into a breakthrough methodology for improving organizational performance.
Given that climate, out gays such as French jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli have been the exception.
Gil Amelio, chairman and chief executive officer of Jazz Technologies, said, "We are very pleased that our shareholders recognized the substantial strategic and economic benefits associated with this merger.
Ballet, character, pointe, partnering, men's classes, variations, hip hop, jazz, modern, tap, musical theater.