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Eduard, Ritter von Jaxthal, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1818-1884. See: Jaeger test types.
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Mr Henry said: "I have enjoyed the challenge of the Jaeger turnaround and feel that now is the right time to move on to a new opportunity.
Color can vary a great deal within Long-tailed Jaeger clutches (JH, unpubl.
But since the film is still in development phase, it is too early to tell whether Hunnam is not joining the cast or whether he will be donning the Jaeger suit again.
For Autumn 2014, Jaeger offers a refined yet relaxed wardrobe of luxurious, modern pieces designed for women who are juggling busy lives.
Through that improved access to their information and with secure communication, Jaeger says Sutter expects to greatly improve care coordination, especially across transitions of care.
Jaeger classical frames are mainly manufactured in Japan using pure titanium (pictured left to right are models 292 and 290).
As the Jaegers dwindle, the relentless Kaiju force mankind into a final stand.
Securities and Exchange Commission has charged that Jaeger and former Cabletron chief operating officer Jerry Shanahan participated in a scheme to inflate revenue in order to drive up the former Rochester-based company's stock price back in 2001.
Even more surprising, Jaeger was Hitler's personal photographer, enjoying unprecedented access to the Third Reich's upper echelon, travelling with the Fuhrer to his massive rallies and photographing him at intimate parties and during private moments.
Jaeger, which was loss-making when it was acquired by Mr Tillman in 2003, reported pounds 94m in revenues and pounds 1m in operating profits in the year to February 2011.
While Jaeger gives a serviceable introduction to his epistemological views for those unfamiliar with them, readers already familiar with Polanyi's thinking will find nothing new here and can skip to one of the other parts without loss.
Jaeger now has 45 UK stores after opening another two outlets during the past financial year, in the Liverpool One shopping complex and Milton Keynes, while it also added another 10 concessions in stores including Harvey Nichols.