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Psychology The desire to shirk responsibilities
Vox populi The desire to leave home in search of adventure
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Comprised of naturally derived ingredients, Toe Juice helps soothe dry, cracked and itchy feet, making it a perfect product for anyone who suffers with hurt toes or damaged skin on their feet, including hikers, backpackers, rock climbers, campers, skiers, snowboarders, kayakers, canoeists, runners and more.
I suppose I was getting itchy feet of late and wondering if I'd ever get the chance.
3TO SEE LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION C4 8pm NEW SERIES It's that time of year when many of us get itchy feet and think about moving home.
Simon said: "We are getting itchy feet and are ready to move house again.
There's Monday blues all round with Bianca angry at Heath, and with Celia failing to atone for her part in their troubles she's getting itchy feet to flee.
Jackie, your chart shows a restless Gemini Moon, plus a wanderlust Mars in Sagittarius, so you would have itchy feet wherever you are, but actually the coming year could bring the opportunity you are seeking.
Unfortunately, Jamie has itchy feet, quits his job and legs it to South America, telling her it's over.
For most of May you want the season to be over with, then come half way through pre-season, once the fixtures are announced, you start to get itchy feet.
MOTORCYCLING explorer Lois Pryce is coming to Coventry to talk about how her itchy feet led her on a solo cross-continent adventure.
The second most popular time to quit is the first week of February, as workers get itchy feet following the Christmas break.
He travelled to the quiet east African state of Tanzania on honeymoon with new wife Amy, but just after two weeks had passed, the Leinster star got itchy feet and 'I do' became 'I must'.
I think after a good rest and a good recharge of the batteries I might start getting itchy feet and I'm sure I'll probably give it another go.