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Psychology The desire to shirk responsibilities
Vox populi The desire to leave home in search of adventure
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Almost a year in the new house and her indoors is getting itchy feet.
DWIGHT YORKE has told Louis Saha not to get itchy feet following Wayne Rooney's arrival at Old Trafford.
Learning and outreach staff from National Museums Liverpool, in collaboration with artists Wendy James and Denise Millward from Itchy Feet, helped the groups to design and create bold flags, showing what `faith' meant to them in the 21st century.
The Itchy Feet scheme, led by Maritime and Crosby housing association, was aimed at celebrating Sefton and what it means to people through art.
com also found that most people get itchy feet in their posts after just five years.
AUSTRALIAN import Dave Harvey admitted to itchy feet as he had his first sight of Coventry in action last week.
Then when Liam gets itchy feet, you can save yourself the pain and expense of laser surgery by simply adding the letter R.
As well as helping ratings, it could be used to persuade stars with itchy feet from defecting to the opposition.
Within a year, Thompson was beginning to get itchy feet and after consulting further medical opinion both in France and the United States he was cleared to dig out the gumshield and pull on his boots again.
Carew never stays too long at a club so I hope he gets itchy feet in January and asks for a move.
ANDREW JOHNSON insists he hasn't got itchy feet at Crystal Palace despite reports of renewed interest from Everton.
Construction workers and those in education, computing and the medical profession were least likely to have itchy feet.