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A euphemism for mental or emotional problems, as in 'he has issues'
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Issues: The two issues Voss anticipates facing are small employer health insurance and medical malpractice insurance.
Arbitration is available only for factual issues, including those unresolved at the conclusion of unsuccessful attempts to enter into a dosing agreement under Sec.
Also, the committee's purpose is to provide an effective forum for member networking and provide a medium for the committee members to discuss common issues that they face with their work in the benefits sector.
To address these issues, the task force recommended three new technical advice processes: (i) a streamlined general advice process, (ii) a case-specific process for providing advice to the field, and (iii) a new category of generic, industry-specific legal advice.
With the exception of Wiredu's study of the epistemological issue of truth, all of the other articles in African Philosophy focus on related issues in metaphysics.
Since 1990, however, a substantial body of literature has been published that addresses career counseling with lesbian and gay persons (Pope, 1995c), but very little of the past or recent career counseling literature regarding gay men and lesbian women has addressed the issues of nondominant racial or ethnic groups (Chung & Katayama, 1998; Pope & Chung, 2000).
They agree on using public money to pay for abortions and abortion clinics; they agree on providing benefits to homosexual couples; they agree on re-defining marriage to include any two people of any sex; they agree on what type of sex education to enforce in schools and promote contraception; they agree on the over-the counter sale of the "morning after" pill; and they are probably going to agree on the thrust of the left-lib, homosexual agenda for "advancing" these issues even further.
It is essential to acknowledge that there is no single Christian position on the moral issues surrounding sexual orientation.
Such evaluation will deal with the following issues: the attention given to the environment in the AHDR, the AHDR's environmental paradigm, the analytical value of the AHDR, the comprehensiveness of the issues outlined in the AHDR, the strategies advocated in the AHDR, and it will finally refer to the question of the environment within the framework of the Middle East peace process, a dimension which was bypassed in the AHDR.
And these hot-button issues are just the latest ones to spark a review of whether certain topics belong in the classroom.
These letters tell us that our readers care about BE and the issues of black economic empowerment, which is our mission.