isocyanic acid

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i·so·cy·an·ic ac·id

(ī'sō-sī'ă-nik as'id),
A highly reactive chemical, HNCO.
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Urea decomposition, however, is not the sole pathway leading to isocyanic acid formation, especially in nonuremic patients.
Two mechanisms had been suggested to explain its beneficial action: direct interference of the urea molecule per se with sickling (18), and hemoglobin S carbamylation by urea-derived isocyanic acid, which increases oxygen affinity and decreases aggregation properties (19).
No wildfires were burning near Los Angeles at the time, so "we assume isocyanic acid came from vehicle exhaust or photochemical reactions known to make it," Roberts says.
Isocyanic acid in the atmosphere and its possible link: o smoke-related health effects Proc Natl Acad So USA 108(22):8966-8971 (2011); hup://dx.