isocyanic acid

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i·so·cy·an·ic ac·id

(ī'sō-sī'ă-nik as'id),
A highly reactive chemical, HNCO.
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Four separate measurements of isocyanic acid were made in urban Los Angeles, near a wildfire at Fourmile Canyon, Colorado, in laboratory burning experiments, and in cigarette smoke.
This reaction mainly results from interaction between isocyanic acid and proteins (Fig.
In humans, isocyanic acid is mainly formed by the spontaneous decomposition of urea into cyanate and ammoniac, which occurs in aqueous solutions according to an equilibrium that favors urea more than 99% (12).
No wildfires were burning near Los Angeles at the time, so "we assume isocyanic acid came from vehicle exhaust or photochemical reactions known to make it," Roberts says.
Another nonenzymatic posttranslational modification of proteins is carbamylation, which corresponds to the binding of isocyanic acid to amino groups.