iso principle

iso principle (īˑ·sō prinˑ·si·pl),

n concept according to which a patient's musical mood can be matched to assist him or her in becoming aware of thoughts and recapture memories.
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In the words of one AS&C environmental manager, "The ISO principle is to say what you do and do what you say.
ISO principles as enabler of high quality product changes within the competitive market of the automotive industry
The enhanced method for the realization of ISO principles
Name : Review ISO Principles and Guidelines of Terminology Maintenance
Look for a company that applies the ISO principles itself since it will likely remain current to the changes taking place with the ISO standards.
Since we embraced the ISO principles two years ago, our bottom line has risen.
This is an important resource for CISOs and CSOs who would like to adopt the ISO principles or gain certification because it aligns theory with practice and helps structure and mature an information security management program.
They join CA's growing portfolio of EITM business service integrations which are designed and delivered by CA Services to automate business processes and accelerate adoption of IT service strategies based on ITIL[R], COBIT[R] and ISO principles.
They also help accelerate customers' adoption of an IT service strategy based on ITIL, COBIT and ISO principles," Shanton adds.
In its Order, FERC stated that the Member Systems' proposal to form the ISO meets FERC's eleven ISO principles.
While we have applied for and received ISO certification at these three companies, we have embraced the ISO principles at all of our operations for some time," Williford added.