ischemic reperfusion

ischemic reperfusion,

n the restoration of blood flow to an area that had previously experienced deficient blood flow. Oxidative stresses associated with this situation may cause damage to the affected tissues or organs.
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Ischemic reperfusion causes lipid peroxidation and fiber degeneration.
Apelin-13 protects the brain against ischemic reperfusion injury and cerebral edema in a transient model of focal cerebral ischemia.
Studies have shown that hyperthyroidism can aggravate neurological damage due to cerebral ischemia and modulates the outcome of ischemic reperfusion injury.
The data suggests that alteration of brain lipidomics in ischemic reperfusion can have an impact on neuroprotection mechanism and is thus an important implication in the pathogenesis of stroke.
Erythropoietin by interfering in the cytokine complicated play important role in preventing from kidney ischemic reperfusion harm.
Coronary vasospasm is thought to occur, particularly with cold conduction--the so-called Raynaud's of the heart -leading to ischemic reperfusion injury and fibrosis of the heart," said Dr.
According to MCG researchers, putting the TIP peptide into the trachea of rat lungs about a half hour before transplantation can nullify the bad result, called ischemic reperfusion injury, and improve oxygenation.
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Ginkgo biloba extract neuroprotective action is dependent on heme oxygenase 1 in ischemic reperfusion brain injury.