ischemic mitral regurgitation

is·che·mic mi·tral re·gur·gi·ta·tion

a regurgitation of the mitral valve caused by ischemic heart disease.
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Objective: To determine the frequency of ischemic mitral regurgitation, determine severity and defining its complications among patients with acute myocardial infarction (MI).
Early ischemic mitral regurgitation is associated with increased mortality (22%) against no mitral regurgitation in which case the mortality is 10% 9 .
Mitral valve reconstruction versus replacement for degenerative or ischemic mitral regurgitation.
The acute ischemic mitral regurgitation is a rare mechanical complication after myocardial infarction, due to elongation, partial or complete rupture of papillary muscle but has a poor prognosis and it needs urgent diagnosis and surgery.
From a conceptual point of view, chronic ischemic mitral regurgitation witnesses the loss of contractile myocardial tissue parallel with the presence of the post-infarction remodeling process.
Ischemic mitral regurgitation, the dynamic lesion: clues to the cure.
Without a tight seal, blood leaks backwards into the atrium--a condition called functional ischemic mitral regurgitation.
I don't want the audience going home and trying it for the ischemic mitral regurgitation patients.