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One retrospective analysis of gingival biopsied lesions revealed that the occurrence of irritation fibromas among the South Indian population was39.
The general dentist can usually make a preliminary diagnosis of irritation fibroma based on clinical appearance alone; however, biopsy is always necessary for definitive diagnosis.
A histologic variant of the irritation fibroma is the giant cell fibroma, so named for its binucleated or trinucleated fibroblasts in close proximity to the overlying epithelium within the collagen base (Figure 3).
8) The retrocuspid papilla is considered by some to be developmental (7, 8, 16) and, due to its clinical appearance and characteristic location, does not warrant biopsy, whereas irritation fibroma and GCF both require biopsy for definitive diagnosis.
have pointed out, features that are helpful in differentiating the RCP from the irritation fibroma and parulis are its normal color, lack of infectious source, and bilateral distribution.