irreversible reaction

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ir·re·vers·i·ble re·ac·tion

a reaction or response by the tissues to a pathogenic agent characterized by a permanent pathologic change.
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Finally, an isoconversional method is used to study the characteristic dependencies of apparent activation energy on conversion level by showing two different kinetic schemes: a reversible reaction followed by an irreversible reaction characteristic for Mequinenza coal and a reversible reaction characteristic for Utrillas coal and Ribesalbes oil shales.
Finding the right type of metal and solvent combination to undergo the required redox reactions without experiencing undesirable and irreversible reactions is difficult.
2, the profile consists of two components, one being the sensible heat of heating oil shale, and the other being the heat of reaction from the irreversible reactions.
For irreversible reactions, the situation is often more complex and one has to work with Markov transition probabilities.
II], and their practically irreversible reactions correspond to exothermic conversions of the [C.
the equipment will be used to conduct a comprehensive assessment and quantification of material degradation changes to which these irreversible reactions generally fall.