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They are common because we are neighbors, and because, like it or not, the world around us is irremediably global.
They are common because we are neighbours, and because, like it or not, the world around us is irremediably global.
At the same time, Myerism is growing, forcing the movement to come to grips with a non-believing world that followers had grown accustomed to viewing as irremediably corrupted and hostile.
The Tuskegee syphilis study has marred the reputation of healthcare irremediably.
In this study, Gang Zhao proves that such a picture is irremediably flawed and ultimately undoes the tired idea that every Chinese late imperial regime was, without exception, antimaritime.
The accomplishments of figures like Douglass in turn encouraged abolitionists and refuted images of free people of color as irremediably degraded.
Without deepening the covenant between church and family, the pope said, the church "becomes arid, and the human family will grow irremediably distant, by our own fault, from God's joyful good news.
Be that as it may, the entire group of Republican presidential contenders has been irremediably diminished to a sickly and unworthy flock of possible standard bearers for the GOP.
Although the liberal tradition in France is usually described as weak, Chabal UII overstates its weakness when he says that it "appeared irremediably lost in a French political landscape already overpopulated with grand ideologies.
However, if there is no progress in the talks along with some hope of relief from economic sanctions and hardships, and if the threatening language toward Iran continues, their ability to pursue the route of reconciliation and negotiation could be irremediably undermined.
One of the questions back then was, have I done something that is going to irremediably change the kids?
I am certain that the truth will shine, plots will be revealed, slander will collapse and the cowardly and ruthless schemers will irremediably remain exposed," the announcement said.