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ionomer (īon´əmər),

n a polymer containing ion. In dentistry, ionomers are a mixture of glass and an organic acid. They are clear but vary in the amount of translucency. For this reason, their aesthetic potential does not match that of composite resins. However, ionomers are not likely to shrink or be subject to the microleakage seen in composite resins because the bonding mechanism of ionomers is an acid-base reaction rather than a polymerization reaction.
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For each sample, the curing tip was placed as nearly as conceivable to the glass ionomer and dentin surface.
To maximize the effectiveness of the Riva Star is necessary to cover the treated tooth surfaces with a glass ionomer dressing for at least 1 week to enable maximum penetration into the tooth without being washed away by saliva.
The microtensile bond strengths of the composite resins lined with resin modified glass ionomer liners were inferior to the Flowable Liner Group could be due to low modulus of elasticity of RMGIC liners compared to the elastic modulus of the flowable composites, which cannot take the initial stress induced by polymerization shrinkage of the Z-250 composite resin leading to high force transmission of the shrinkage stress from the Z-250 composite resin in RMGIC Liner Group.
1) The physical mechanism of the process is achieved by the application of dentin desensitizing agents such as dentin bonding agents, composite resins, glass ionomer cements (GICs) and varnishes.
Glass ionomer cements in pediatric dentistry: review of the literature.
Different endodontic sealers like ethoxy benzoic acid (EBA), glass ionomer cement (GIC), AH 26 root canal sealer and zinc phosphate cement were used to determine their shear strength.
Ionomers are partially crosslinked ionomeric resins, and perform in peelable seal applications through delamination of the seal/seal interface.
The thermal properties of each ionomer sample weighing 10 mg were obtained by DSC measurements using a Q100 calorimeter (TA Instruments).
These apical spaces were sealed with glass ionomer restorative cement (Fuji II, GC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan).
Now in its 50th year, ionomer materials technology, including DuPont's flagship brand Surlyn ionomer resins, continues to enable innovation and transforming products in a wide range of industries -- from golf to packaging, the statement said.