ion pair

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ion pair

Two particles of opposite charge, usually an electron and a proton.
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an atom or group of atoms having a positive (cation) or negative (anion) electric charge by virtue of having gained or lost one or more electrons. Substances forming ions are electrolytes.

ion channel
see channel.
dipolar ion
hydrogen ion
the positively charged hydrogen atom (H+), present to excess in acid solutions.
ion pair
the pair of ions created when an atom has had an electron removed by ionizing radiation.
ion pump
see calcium pump, sodium pump.
ion trapping
a strategy for treatment of poisonings based on the principle that cell membranes are less permeable to ionized compounds. With knowledge of the characteristics of the toxin, treatment can be given to alter the acid-base balance in favor of ionization.
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They have many substantial advantages as compared to ionic bases, such as milder reaction conditions, enhanced reactivity of the more naked anions in the poorly associating ion pairs formed, and better solubility [28-30].
When EC due to ion pairs was included in the evaluation, the regression coefficients, shown in the third and fourth columns in Table 6, hardly changed.
Each metabolite displayed specific ion pairs and characteristic retention times (Table 1).
When this lower concentration of organic modifier is used in ion pair chromatography, interference from complex sample matrix can be a problem.
In general, the retention of analyte in ZIC-HILIC mode increased with increasing eluent con-centration which leads to a deactivation of intramolecular ion pairs.
Formation of strongly soluble ion pairs between the detergent cations and bis-p-MPPE mono anions or other sub micelle aggregates have been postulated because of turbidity.
Meanwhile, the decreases in conductivity could be due to the formation of ion pairs and aggregates.
Canfield (a biologist with the US Federal Aviation Administration's Civil Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma) describe the analysis technique, emphasizing the importance of choosing an appropriate analogue to get the quality of ion pairs necessary for accurate measurement.
Ion pairs Nvidia's GeForce 9400M GPU with Intel's Atom CPU for a CPU to work alongside a GPU, and Lenovo has announced it will put the Ion platform in its IdeaPad S12 netbook.
Mirkin and Oh have also tweaked the optical properties of particles incorporating metal ion pairs.
4] ion pairs on average per neutron absorbed, that were collected on charge collecting plates divided into independent quadrants.