iodinated glycerol

i·o·di·nat·ed glyc·er·ol

a form of organically bound iodine that liberates iodine systemically. Has been used as a medicinal source of iodine and as an expectorant in place of inorganic iodides such as potassium iodide.
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75 7-21 w/codeine (Barr) Iodinated glycerol Iophen-C 1.
Average shares outstanding 46,160,000 46,108,000(a) The quarter ended March 31, 1996 included one-time pre-tax charges of $5,400,000 (7 cents per share after tax) related to the planned closure of the Trenton manufacturing plant ($3,000,000) and a net adjustment of the prior year one-time charges for Felbatol (an additional $8,200,000), due largely to higher than anticipated litigation costs and product returns, and for Organidin iodinated glycerol (a reduction of $5,800,000), primarily lower than anticipated product returns.