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1. to envelop in or cover another tissue or part (as fascia).
2. to surround, envelop, or embed in an investment material.

invest (invest´),

v to surround, envelop, or embed in an investment material; e.g., a gypsum product.
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However, for several reasons, investors cannot use a tax deferred exchange to sell their respective partnership interests independently of the partnership and use the proceeds to reinvest in other real estate in a [section]1031 exchange.
Best investor relations by a CEO or chairman at an ASX 100 company
Strong financial communication stems from well-developed corporate messages that go a step further and address a variety of investor questions: What makes the company unique?
26) In contrast, if damages are paid directly to the investor, they may be taxable, unless the investor rolls the payment over into another qualified pension plan or IRA within 60 days under Sec.
While the scandal concerns him, Perkins feels there are few choices for most individual investors other than mutual funds.
The proposed SOP takes a balance sheet approach that differs from the conventional income statement approach whereby an investor applies its "percentage ownership interest" to the investee's GAAP net income to determine the investor's share of earnings or losses.
I think the novice investor needs to accept risk as defined by the value or decline of their investments,'' said Kozlen.
The professors' paper--which specifically documents the impact of investor relations activities on the market prospects of small companies--was based on a survey of 184 companies that hired 33 investor relations consulting firms between 1999 and 2004.
What could have been perceived as a negative was instead thanks to extensive groundwork to educate the market and build investor support hailed as an important step for Ashanti.
If a broker sells the stock after the price has plummeted, then the investor has lost out on the chance to recoup his losses if the market rebounds.
This year, 49 percent of investors indicated they had invested in a REIT compared with 32 percent in 1997.

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