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An enzyme acting on 2,1-β-d-fructoside links in inulin, releasing d-fructose.
Synonym(s): inulase
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It can be observed that the best production of inulinase was obtained at lower concentrations of agave syrup (runs 2 and 7), while the increase of the concentration resulted in negative effects, with a significant reduction of enzyme production, independent of the nitrogen source concentrations.
The production of inulinase is described to suffer from catabolic repression at high substrate concentrations, and therefore, the highest production of this enzyme is usually observed at the end of the growth phase (Parekh & Margaritis, 1985; Jing, Zhengyu, & Augustine, 2003; Cazetta, Monti, & Contiero, 2010; Singh & Lotey, 2010).
The concentration ranges of the agave syrup and yeast extract, that were needed to reach the maximum inulinase production were wide, allowing variation around the optimal point and keeping the process in an optimized condition.
2011), inulinase production can vary widely, because its biosynthesis depends on the used sources of carbon and nitrogen, on their medium concentration, as well as on the used microorganisms and strains.
After centrifugation, the supernatant was collected and stored in a deepfreeze (-20[degrees]C) until it was used as crude inulinase (6).
The inulinase activity was determined by measuring the reducing sugars released by the hydrolysis of inulin according to Somogyi (50) method.
One unit (U) of inulinase was defined as the amount of enzyme that released one [micro]mole of fructose per minute from inulin at 40[degrees]C and other assay conditions.
It was then flooded with 1% Lugol's iodine and examined for a zone of clearance around the colony which indicated the presence of the enzyme inulinase (25).
Inulinase have been isolated from microorganisms including bacteria.
Degenerate upstream and downstream primers were used specifically designed to pick up the inulinase gene.
An A5 yielding inulinase was originally isolated from Black Solenostemon scutellarioides.
Functional analysis of the binding model of microbial inulinases using docking and molecular dynamics simulation.