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1. To put inside or into; insert or inject.
2. To bring in and establish in a new place or environment.
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Introducing WaveTrack 5200 guided-wave radar level sensor that's unaffected by dust or product flow.
Introducing low-profile machine-mounted separator to remove all types of metal contaminants.
To meet the needs of active and athletic consumers, Invacare is introducing several upgrades to its line of custom manual wheelchairs.
RJO), one of the oldest and largest futures commission merchants, today announced it has acquired Zap Futures, a large Chicago-based Introducing Broker and a pioneer in electronic futures trading.
Introducing soy-based automotive BMC that incorporates thermoset regrind and organic fibers.
With that spirit, Invacare has raised the bar in the home medical equipment industry by introducing 40 new products in Invacare's Rehab, Respiratory and Standard product lines.
in China is introducing MEP (Modified Earth Plastic), a newly invented "green" TPE made from renewable resources (described as "modified earth").
This year, armed with recent regulatory approvals for the mechanical reel platform, WMS is introducing 29 new mechanical reel games to address the largest segment of a typical casino's slot floor.
Among the new entries in colorants, Teknor Color is introducing Tekpro Construction Color mini-bead concentrates in 14 hues for building products from cove bases to decking and fencing.
Introducing RMC75E one- or two- axis motion controller that supports Ethernet communication.