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1. To put inside or into; insert or inject.
2. To bring in and establish in a new place or environment.
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Introducing IRM 6650 top-mounted robot for loading/unloading injection molding machines.
In the Senate, Democrat Dianne Feinstein has topped all of her peers by introducing 111 bills.
These will be followed by a host of similar products throughout 2007, maintaining the company's rapid pace of introducing new products regularly.
And Macro Engineering is introducing extruders with interchangeable grooved or smooth feed throats.
Introducing short- and long-stroke versions of Apex AT continuous-extrusion line; the company's first all-electric extrusion blow machine; and two one-step stretch-blow machines offering greater outputs of small PET bottles and increased clamp tonnage for wide-mouths.
adults with children under 18 indicated that introducing their children to outdoor activities and nature is something they would do more if they had the money.
Thermoforming Systems LLC is introducing the Low Flex 6.
Industrial Dielectrics is introducing a polyester BMC grade for automotive headlamps that's tailored for dimensional stability and low emissions under high heat.
The Award is in recognition of ISI's consistency in introducing cutting-edge designs and technologies within the personal protective equipment (PPE) segment of the environmental health and safety (EH&S) industry.
Spain's Merquinsa is introducing two new fast-cycling polycaprolactone-based TPUs for automotive applications.
At Medtrade(R) 2004, Invacare Corporation (NYSE:IVC) is introducing 40 new and enhanced products and programs, once again demonstrating its commitment to bringing breakthrough technology and innovation to the home medical equipment industry.