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1. To put inside or into; insert or inject.
2. To bring in and establish in a new place or environment.
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Its proprietary products include venous vessel introducers, articulating and fixed curve delivery catheters, epicardial and endocardial stimulation leads, and other products for use in pacemaker, defibrillator, catheter and infusion port procedures as well as neuromodulation markets.
Vascular access includes introducers, guidewires and related products.
Enpath Named as Key Introducer Supplier in Contract Extension through October 2012
We hope that the scheme will help our introducers offer quick, reliable decisions to our customers regarding our ability to meet their mortgage requirements," said Mr Larkins.
Greatbatch's customers and the patients whose lives are protected through use of its introducers deserve to have the record set straight and to know that they have lawful access to the medical devices that best serve their medical needs.
A 55% increase in introducer product line revenues compared with the same quarter in 2005.
The September trial is the next phase in Pressure Products' strategy to protect the intellectual property underlying its innovative SafeSheath([R]) line of peel-away introducers.
While we ultimately plan to offer the valve on most of our introducers, it is an especially attractive product for chronic hemo-dialysis catheter procedures in which the large introducer size increases the possibility of the patient experiencing an air embolism, a potentially life- threatening event.
Caldera Medical fully supports humanitarian aid and we are delighted to make our implants and introducers available for charitable causes.
In its claim, Pressure Products asserted that Greatbatch's FlowGuard[TM] valved peelable introducer product and ViaSeal[TM] valved peelable introducer prototype infringed patents held by Pressure Products.
NYSE: STJ) today announced the release of new electrophysiology catheters and guiding introducers that can assist clinicians in the diagnosis of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF), a common heart arrhythmia.
Introducers are the starting point of cardiac catheterization for diagnostic and interventional procedures, helping physicians to safely gain and maintain vascular access.