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1. To put inside or into; insert or inject.
2. To bring in and establish in a new place or environment.
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Olive Telecom and Aircel Introduce Novel Android-Based Smartphone II-31
3D Systems Introduces a Precision, Durable Stereolithography Material with Molded ABS Plastic-Like Characteristics - the Accura(R) SI 50 SL Material - in Two Colors
Mexican firm will introduce SYCSA blending silo, which can be used as a recirculation blender or as a gravity blender, creating product flow from multiple elevations.
Trend Micro to Introduce Mobile Security on Giorgio Armani -
Following the Kuwait government's decision to open its skies, Emirates will introduce five additional weekly flights starting July 1, bringing its weekly total to 23 operated with a mix of 777-200s, A330-200s and A310s.
Honda is planning to introduce an all-new commuter model in ASEAN markets starting from Thailand beginning of 2006, which will be equipped with a compact water-cooled engine designed especially for Asian markets and an automatic transmission.
Phoenix Motorcars will introduce our Sport Utility Truck for the Fleet Vehicle Market in early 2007 and plan to produce at least 500 zero emission, all electric trucks in 2007.
Arburg will introduce its new All-rounder C Golden Edition press line.
Founded in 1994 by its visionary Chairman and CEO, Henri Seydoux, Parrot has rapidly established itself as a leading global player for wireless mobile telephone peripherals and continues to introduce new products while expanding its operations worldwide.
Apple's "1984" commercial runs during the Super Bowl to introduce the Macintosh