intrapersonal conflict

in·tra·per·son·al con·flict

a conflict that occurs solely in the psychological dynamics of the person's own mind. See: intrapsychic.
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In other words, GRC develops through the male socialization process, in which men are exposed to contrasting and inaccessible norms concerning appropriate behaviors to enact, which can then result in intrapersonal conflict (Sharpe & Heppner, 1991).
7) The degree to which outward behavior differs from internal behavior expectations contributes to the amount of intrapersonal conflict experienced as a result of making an ethical decision.
14) A good fit maintains personal equilibrium; whereas, a bad fit increases intrapersonal conflict, stress, and guilt.
Jenna, too, may be dealing with an intrapersonal conflict about the intersection of intelligence, gender, and race and ethnicity.
Prudence and Authenticity: Intrapersonal Conflicts of Value, DAVID O.
In such intrapersonal conflicts of value, prudence appears to require the agent to be neutral between his current and merely future ideals.
Living between two worlds: Intrapersonal conflicts among Igbo seminarians--an enquiry.