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, intrapericardial (in'tră-per'i-kar'dē-ak, -kar'dē-ăl),
Within the pericardial cavity.
Synonym(s): endopericardiac
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Left Ventricular Assist System (ventricular assist device) totally implantable intrapericardial 1-30
Use of intrapericardial, continuous-flow, centrifugal pump in patients awaiting heart transplantation.
The posterior parietal pericardium is routinely widely opened during orthotopic lung transplantation in an effort to afford intrapericardial mobilization of the pulmonary veins, such that a direct left atrial cuff-to-left atrial cuff anastomosis between donor and recipient can be performed, instead of a direct individual pulmonary vein anastomosis.
Management of a fetal intrapericardial teratoma: a case report and review of the literature.
Use of an Intrapericardial, Continuous Flow, Centrifugal Pump in Patients Awaiting Heart Transplantation.
Moreover, intrapericardial infusion of galectin-3 in healthy and hypertensive rats leads to myocardial macrophage and mast cell infiltration, increased collagen I deposition, and impaired diastolic and systolic ventricular function (1,4).
Mechanical restriction of ventricular relaxation can occur in the absence of intrapericardial blood or clot and contribute to low cardiac output (1).
Cardiac tamponade secondary to intrapericardial rupture of a hepatic amoebic abscess.
Tamponade results from a rapid or slow compression of the heart due to the increasing intrapericardial pressure of accumulating fluid, often malignant effusion.
The most common surgical procedure was lobectomy, followed by intrapericardial resection, pneumectomy, and extended resection.
Comedicus' intrapericardial MRI device will provide clearer images of the coronary artery walls, a 360-degree view of the heart and a pathway for simultaneous therapy.
About Whole-Heart Therapeutics Cormedics' intrapericardial products provide access to the entire epicardial surface of the heart for pericardial effusion, electrophysiology, and cardiac rhythm device therapies.