Within the muscular coat of the uterus.
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Bradycardia and cardiac arrest caused by intramyometrial injection of vasopressin during a laparoscopically assisted myomectomy.
15] Off-label intramyometrial injection has been described, [16] but its use should be confined to institutions with specialist skills and experience.
A prospective, doubleblind, randomized comparison of prophylactic intramyometrial 15-methyl prostaglandin F2 alpha, 125 micrograms, and intravenous oxytocin, 20 units, for the control of blood loss at elective cesarean section.
One group received 600mcg sublingual misoprostol (Parke-Davis) combined with standard oxytocic treatment and the other group received intramyometrial PGF2a (Prostin F2alpha, Dinoprost- Parke-Davis) combined with standard oxytocic for treatment of primary PPH.
When this observation is added to the propensity of endometrium to extend as diverticula into the myometrium as adenomyosis, this creates yet another pitfall in the distinction of intramyometrial extension into adenomyosis versus true myometrial invasion by carcinoma.
It can be given by intravenous, intramuscular, or intramyometrial (IMM) routes, but always in a continuous infusion--never a bolus.
4] Among them, usual limitations in vaginal hysterectomy with non-descent uteri are bigger sizes, but now even with bigger sizes, hysterectomy can be facilitated by bisection, myomectomy, wedge debulking, intramyometrial coring, morcellation and newer technique like technique of electrocautery and radiofrequency technology of sutureless surgery.
Authors of 3 small, randomized clinical trials in nonpregnant women have reported that the intramyometrial injection of dilute vasopressin reduces blood loss during myomectomy surgery.
The Lash technique--or intramyometrial coring--involves a circular incision in the myometrium at the level of the upper cervix.
In fact, Kostrzewska et al[9] reported that estrogen acts as a vasodilator by inhibiting contractility of intramyometrial arteries and increasing their blood flow.