intractable epilepsy

in·trac·ta·ble ep·i·lep·sy

epilepsy not adequately controlled by medication.
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In this study, 184 women consecutively referred for intractable epilepsy were followed through one menstrual cycle.
We are hopeful that in the next year, the results of this trial will show this drug has a positive impact on enrolled patients and also that it will have implications for patients with other forms of intractable epilepsy," said Dr.
Of children with the most intractable epilepsy (the hardest to control), Johns Hopkins reports improved seizure control in 67 percent.
Depression may be iatrogenically induced with various antiepileptic drugs used to treat the seizure disorder or after surgical treatment of intractable epilepsy," he noted.
Table 1 A Sample Ketogenic Diet for a 3-Year-Old Boy With No Medical Problems Other Than Intractable Epilepsy
People with intractable epilepsy make up the majority of the patient population seen in epilepsy centers.
On May 2, Florida lawmakers passed the so-called "Charlotte's Web" bill, which legalizes a non-euphoric marijuana extract, nicknamed "Charlotte's Web," to treat children who suffer from intractable epilepsy.
The incidence of this phenomenon is especially frequent in children with intractable epilepsy.
Petersen RC, Sharbrough FW, Jack CR: Intracarotid amobarbital testing in presurgical evaluation of patients with intractable epilepsy.
physicians to treat with Epidiolex 125 children suffering from intractable epilepsy syndromes -
Mims J, Maieron M, Wisner C, Ritter F, Beck B: Behavior and self - esteem in siblings of children with intractable epilepsy.
RESPONSIVE NEUROSTIMULATOR FOR INTRACTABLE EPILEPSY An implanted neurological device that can significantly reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures gained the unanimous backing of an FDA neurological device advisory panel in 2013.