intervention review

in·ter·ven·tion re·view

(in'tĕr-ven'shŭn rĕ-vyū')
An ongoing process of reevaluating and reviewing an intervention plan, its efficacy, and progress made toward targeted outcomes.
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Informative sessions on this agenda will shed light on new programmes, and provide guidance from Graham Allen MP following his Early Intervention Review.
Additionally, 10 previously conducted mathematics intervention review articles were searched (Kunsch, Jitendra, & Sood, 2007; Maccini, Mulcahy, & Wilson, 2007; Mastropieri, Bakken, & Scruggs, 1991; Mastropieri, Scruggs, & Shiah, 1991; Mooney, Ryan, Uhing, Reid, & Epstein, 2005; Pereira & Win-ton, 1991; Rivera, 1997; Robinson, Schofield, & Steers-Wentzall, 2005; Ryan, Reid, & Esptein, 2004; Spencer, 2006).
However, the risk which HMRC has identified during the intervention review will still exist, and it might decide to follow it up formally at a later stage.
Cochrane Overviews use different methods from Cochrane Intervention reviews; they summarize existing Intervention reviews rather than original studies.
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