interstitial pancreatitis

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interstitial pancreatitis

Pancreatitis with overgrowth of interacinar and intra-acinar connective tissue.
See also: pancreatitis


inflammation of the pancreas.

acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis
a condition due to autolysis of pancreatic tissue caused by escape of enzymes into the substance, resulting in hemorrhage into the parenchyma and surrounding tissues. Seen most commonly in dogs, rarely in horses and pigs. Clinical signs include abdominal pain that may be severe and associated with cardiovascular shock, vomiting and diarrhea. Fatalities are not uncommon. In the longer term, the process may be slowly progressive, appearing clinically to be relapsing, often with eventual destruction of the islets of Langerhans that leads to diabetes mellitus. Called also acute pancreatic necrosis.
chronic pancreatitis
relapsing or continuing acute pancreatic necrosis. Called also relapsing pancreatitis.
focal pancreatitis
focal lesions discovered incidentally in patients dying of other disease, e.g. canine distemper, foot and mouth disease.
interstitial pancreatitis
inflammation of the interstitial tissue; may be acute or chronic.
necrotizing pancreatitis
see acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis (above).
relapsing pancreatitis
see chronic pancreatitis (see above).
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