interstitial cell

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Leydig cell

The testosterone-secreting cell of the testis which is located in clusters in the interstitium between the seminiferous tubules. Leydig cells are large and have centrally located nuclei, eosinophilic cytoplasm and numerous lipid-filled cytoplasmic vacuoles.

Male sexual differentiation, pubertal androgenisation, support for fertility.
Secrete testosterone, androstenedione and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in response to central (pituitary) stimulation by luteinising hormone, which activates cholesterol desmolase.

interstitial cell

Any of the many cells found in connective tissue of the ovary, in the seminiferous tubules of the testes, and in the medulla and cortex of the kidney. The cells in the testes and ovaries produce hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.
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pertaining to or situated between parts or in the interspaces of a tissue.

atypical interstitial pneumonia
interstitial cell adenoma
see interstitial cell tumor (below).
interstitial cell-stimulating hormone
luteinizing hormone.
interstitial cell
the cells of the connective tissue of the ovary or the testis (Leydig's cells), which furnish the internal secretion of those structures.
interstitial cell tumor
a common testicular tumor in old dogs. Most are benign and not associated with any major clinical disturbances but there may be concurrent perianal gland neoplasms, infertility and rarely feminization or viciousness. Called also Leydig cell tumor or interstitial cell adenoma.
interstitial edema
edema of the interstitial interlobular tissue in the lung.
interstitial emphysema
pulmonary emphysema with air accumulated in the interlobular connective tissue; characteristic of emphysema in cattle.
interstitial fluid
the extracellular fluid bathing cells in most tissues, excluding the fluid within the lymph and blood vessels.
interstitial gland
of the ovary, consisting of polyhedral epithelioid cells in the stroma of the ovary and have characteristics of cells which produce steroids.
interstitial nephritis
interstitial fluid pressure
pressure exerted by the free interstitial fluid; if the pressure is negative this tends to suck fluid out of the vascular system and into the tissue space; if the pressure is greater than the intravascular pressure fluid tends to move out of the tissue space.
interstitial pneumonia
interstitial space
tissue space.
interstitial tissue
connective tissue between the cellular elements of a structure.
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