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Planned temporary suspension or hiatus in therapy to reduce pharmacotherapeutic toxicity.
See also: on period, off period, drug holiday.
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Interrupt is focused on delivering Strategic Creative Results for Fortune 500 clients around the globe.
Sometimes it is necessary for a physician to interrupt a patient's antiretroviral therapy, for example, when some serious non-AIDS diseases develop.
It is not a matter of whether to interrupt, but when to interrupt the guests," Al Nughaimish said.
However, for a father whose identity is strongly tied to the physical affection he gives his child (possibly more likely with younger children or infants), not being able to be close to his child may severely interrupt identity confirmation.
Another key status return capability is that the Set Device Bits FIS can notify the host that multiple commands have been completed at the same time, ensuring that the host receives just one interrupt for multiple command completions.
What factors could interrupt relationships with purchasers of goods and services?
More details on INTERRUPT MEDIA and their research reports can be found at http://marketpublishers.
The microbe, Bacillus anthracis, produces a molecular complex that's called lethal toxin known to interrupt a cascade of signals inside macrophages, the immune cells that envelop and destroy bacteria (SN: 5/9/98, p.
The new RTOS, which now supports PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, and XScale processors, features full memory protection and guaranteed resource availability, yet still delivers sub-200-nsec interrupt response and sub-microsecond context switching (as measured on a 233-MHz processor).
In exchange for the reduced rate, Detroit Edison may interrupt their service for 10 minutes at a time for up to 30 minutes an hour.
This mechanism reduces interrupt servicing latency as well as eliminates interrupt signal lines on the printed circuit board.
Founded in 1990, PassTime[TM] invented the industry's first starter interrupt device in 1997.