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interpolate (intur´pōlāt),

v to insert intermediate terms in a series according to the trend of the series; to calculate intermediate values according to observed values.
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Interpolative Prediction of a Hysteretic Curve for the Given Supply Voltage Value
As an alternative to the Karup-King interpolation, the six-term fifth-difference interpolative formulae of Sprague or Beers can be applied, which however use information from more surrounding groups.
Interpolative code [9] exploits the cluster property of term occurrences and achieves very good performance.
9) This interpolative choice likewise derives from theatrical tradition.
Noise exists in the system but its shaping pushes energy to high frequencies (in this case 40 dB/decade, similar DSP to one-bit digital-to-analog converters now popular for audio and interpolative analog-to-digital converters[11]).
Among these are the concept of a linguistic variable, canonical form, fuzzy if-then rule, fuzzy quantifiers, and such modes of reasoning as interpolative reasoning, syllogistic reasoning, and dispositional reasoning.
OGP has developed a set of certified standards and a sophisticated automatic program to measure them and create nonlinear interpolative look-up tables for calibration.
Motion variances are determined through interpolative comparisons and corrected automatically through the de-interlacing process on a pixel-by-pixel basis.
Marcellin, "Removal of image defocus and motion blur effects with a nonlinear interpolative vector quantizer," in Proc.
Throughout the text, Twain employs various sorts of Interpolative techniques that interrupt the narrative to differing degrees and effects; his use of interruption is worth examination not only because it is so extensive but also because it shapes the style that is so characteristically his own.