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Interocclusal records are the means whereby the inter arch relationships are transferred from the mouth to the articulator1,2.
These three measurements were carried out for all the three mounted maxillary and mandibular casts - refer- ence group (Articulation I), with centric stop plus Interocclusal records (Articulation II) , without centric stop plus Interocclusal records (Articulation III).
Various authors have described different tech- niques of making accurate Interocclusal records par- ticularly in situations when the distal most tooth is used as an abutment.
Within the limitations of the present study, the following conclusions can be drawn: a) Presence of Interocclusal records results in an increase in vertical discrepancy.
1 Freilich, Principles for selection interocclusal records for articulation of dentate and partially dentate casts.