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Between two nodes; relating to an internode.
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Large circular pits, often crateriform in shape, may be found along the surfaces of internodal metaxylem tracheary elements that face carinal canals (Fig.
Further observations on internodal conduction and the polarity of the retrograde P wave.
When deliberately exposed to borers in field plots, that line's stalks suffered 85 percent less internodal damage than susceptible commercial cultivars.
The 990 NP can support virtually all protocols and multiple internodal high-speed links.
Clients include American Express, CDC, UPS, Cingular, CitiBank, CSX Internodal, and the Weather Channel.
In this study, we isolated and characterized the BvCIGR gene and the results showed that BvCIGR may possibly be involved in the regulation of internodal elongation in B.
The size of internodal region in the regenerated shoots growing in liquid medium mainly contributed the elongation of axillary shoots.
The Spider terminates subscribers and internodal links with the same Junction Box.
Gravitropism and Phototropism of the Internodal Cells of Chara corallina.
Since then many thousands of internodal spacings (spacings between branches, leaves, and other plant structures) have been measured.