internal environment

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internal environment

the medium in which all body cells are bathed and which maintains a constant environment (see HOMEOSTASIS), in terms of pH, osmotic pressure, etc.


situated or occurring within or on the inside; in anatomy, many structures formerly called internal are now termed medial.

internal abdominal abscess
see retroperitoneal abscess.
internal carotid artery arteritis
parasitic arteritis of the external carotid artery as it courses around the edge of the guttural pouch may lead to copious nasal bleeding in horses when the artery ruptures.
internal elastic membrane
a condensation of elastic fibers separating the tunica intima from the tunica media.
internal environment
within the animal; includes blood pressure, circulating blood volume, tissue fluid volume, blood sugar level, tidal air volume, glomerular filtration rate.
internal fixation
immobilization of fractured bones by internal appliances as distinct from casts or external fixation. Includes intramedullary pins which run the length of the medullary cavity, transfixing pins that penetrate across the medullary cavity and are maintained in position by external bars or casts, and compression plating based on the use of special screws and plates.
internal hernia
see hernia.
internal inguinal ring
see abdominal ring (internal).
internal layer
unshelled eggs are free in the peritoneal cavity, thought to have been delivered there by reverse peristalsis in the oviduct.
internal laying
eggs are deposited in the peritoneal cavity and become walled off.
internal limiting membrane
a persistent fibrillar condensation of the vitreous body of the eye; it covers the retina and ciliary body.
internal parasitic mites
poultry cutaneous mites in a number of families are found in the trachea, air sacs and subcutaneous tissues. Includes Cytodites, Epidermoptes, Laminosioptes, Pneumonyssus, Rivoltsia and Sternastoma spp.
internal rate of return
the interest rate needed to discount future income in order to equate it with the present investment in a program.
internal repeat
repetitive base sequences within DNA which may be inverted (indirect) or non-inverted (direct).
internal root sheath
connective tissue sheath around the hair follicle; this part of the sheath extends only to the opening of sebaceous glands into the follicle. See also root sheath cuticle.
turkey internal hemorrhage
see dissecting aneurysm.
internal vomiting
any reflux of intestinal contents which does not reach the mouth, e.g. abomasal reflux into the rumenoreticulum.
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The internal environment component captures the traditional idea of the "tone at the top," but it includes much more, such as risk consciousness, risk appetite, risk philosophy, and board oversight.
As these individuals lose the capacity to maintain stable, optimal internal environments (i.
In terms of the library's internal environment, a profile of strengths and limitations should be made - including the library's planning objectives, strategies, activities, and resources (human, fiscal, and physical).
The two possible common factors that allowed for continued normal brain function for these historical figures were the inheritance of good genes and the provision of an optimum internal environment.
The framework generates a snapshot of the company's inherent strengths & weaknesses as part of the internal environment assessment and outlines potential growth opportunities as well as threats as part of the external environment assessment.
Prior Information Notice: Supply of reagents and consumables to investigate the parameters of the internal environment for the needs of the department of clinical and biochemical laboratories uvn, and lease of necessary technologies.
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This new electronic version of the range adds a further layer of security whereby the electronic operation provides remote keyless operation plus the facility to provide access logging via the EMKA ELM - Electronic Locking and Monitoring platform - which can also monitor the cabinet's internal environment, e.
They integrate ideas from psychotherapy, psychology, education and training, people development, adventure, and leisure, as they discuss the role of the coach, facilitator, or educator and key dimensions of learning: the learning environment and activities, the senses, and the internal environment of emotions, reasoning and intelligence, and learning and change.
The main tasks of the strategy are the analysis of the external and internal environment, definition of strategic objectives and action plans for individual goals, creation of a monitoring plan to assess the execution of the strategy and to suggest a budget proposal with sources of funding, announced the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.