intermittent fever

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intermittent fever

a fever that recurs in cycles of paroxysms and remissions, such as in malaria. Kinds of intermittent fever include biduotertian fever, double quartan fever, and quartan malaria.

intermittent fever

Fever in which symptoms disappear completely between paroxysms.
See: malaria; undulant fever
See also: fever


1. an abnormally high body temperature; pyrexia. See also hyperthermia.
2. any disease characterized by marked increase of body temperature. See body temperature.
For diseases characterized by fever, see the eponymic or descriptive name: e.g. african swine, bovine petechial, canicola, cat-scratch disease, desert, ephemeral, equine intestinal ehrlichiosis, classical swine fever(hog cholera), malignant catarrhal fever, malta, mediterranean coast, q, rift valley, rocky mountain spotted, Russian spring-summer encephalitis, tickborne, tularemia, undulant. milk fever is not accompanied by pyrexia.

aseptic fever
fever associated with aseptic wounds, presumably due to the disintegration of leukocytes or to the absorption of avascular or traumatized tissue.
central fever
sustained fever resulting from damage to the thermoregulatory centers of the hypothalamus.
chemical fever
fever caused by the intake of a sterile substance, e.g. the injection of a foreign protein, the administration of dinitrophenols.
continued fever, continuous fever
persistently elevated body temperature, showing no or little variation and never falling to normal during any 24-hour period.
intermittent fever
an attack of fever, with recurring paroxysms of elevated temperature separated by intervals during which the temperature is normal.
remittent fever
elevated body temperature showing fluctuation each day, but never falling to normal.
septic fever
see septic fever.
Shar Pei fever
see familial renal amyloidosis.
fever of unknown origin (FUO)
a recognized clinical syndrome of persistently (>2 weeks) elevated body temperature (>104°F) and without other signs. Causes include infections, neoplasia, immune-mediated diseases, and drug reactions.
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A 15-year female student was admitted with the bilateral progressive neck swelling for 1 year, low-grade intermittent fever, and productive cough for 2 weeks.
The German Lutherans who came to Frankenmuth in the 1840s experienced intermittent fevers, as did the Dutch Calvinists who settled Holland.
An intermittent fever up to 38[degrees] developed, but a comprehensive septic screen was negative.
Symptoms includes intermittent fever leading to anaemia, emaciation and ultimately death.
A 42-year-old man was admitted to our clinic with complaints of palpitation, intermittent fever, night sweats, lumbago, abdominal pain and loss of appetite for last one month.
Symptoms of this disease are intermittent fever, chills, body ache etc.
However, the symptoms, which include blood in the urine, chronic back pain just below the ribs, weight loss, fatigue and intermittent fever, are typically nonexistent until the cancer has spread beyond the kidneys (metastasized).
Brucellosis is a bacterial zoonotic infection, and symptoms can be non-specific and flu-like, including intermittent fever, chills, malaise, headache and fatigue.
Clinicians should inquire about travel, food consumption, occupation, and recreational activities (including feral swine hunting) of patients with nonspecific influenza-like symptoms with intermittent fever.
AFTER 5 OR 6 WEEKS OF SYMPTOMS, including fever, chills, myalgia, weight loss, fatigue, light-headedness, weakness, nonproductive cough, and intermittent fever that peaked at 102.
A 44 yr old male soldier who was serving somewhere in the forests of north-east India during 2004-2005 was admitted to a military unit hospital in the region with complaints of low-grade intermittent fever, arthralgia, lethargy and nausea of one-week duration.
C, age 69, presents to the emergency department complaining of intermittent fever of about 100[degrees]F, hematuria, headache, weakness, fatigue, and decreased appetite over 2 months.

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