intermediate variable

in·ter·me·di·ate var·i·a·ble

a variable in a causal pathway that causes variation in the dependent variable and is itself caused to vary by the independent variable.
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However, when conditioning on an intermediate is the result of selecting and analyzing only a subset of the original population (as is the case in our situation described below), then the exposure-outcome association may not be a valid estimate of either the total effect of the exposure on the outcome, or the portion of the effect operating through causal pathways that do not involve the intermediate variable.
In level h = 1 where no intermediate variable appears, the function has the form
Then the set of clauses Top In direct relation path coefficients achieve, by multiplying the path coefficient between an independent variable with intermediate variable and the path coefficient between intermediate variable with Dependent variable.
Payment rates and quality are clearly linked, which may reflect the effect of payment levels on the intermediate variable, staffing;
Although we could not distinguish whether frequent change of residence was a causal risk factor or merely an intermediate variable of other risk factors for suicidal behavior, the findings from this study suggest the importance of stability on children's psychosocial well-being," they concluded.
The current study investigates how positive attitudes are "transferred" into higher learning achievement by determining an intermediate variable between computer attitudes and computer learning and achievement--Time spent on learning technology.
When there is no fertility-inhibiting effect of a given intermediate variable, the corresponding index equals one; if the fertility-inhibition is complete, the index equals zero.
While S/D functions for labor causally affect wages and employment, the former are also causally dependent on the latter through the intermediate variable of relative prices.
The options for determining the low-dose response for such an intermediate variable are the same as those described above for apical responses--direct measurement or empirical modeling from high-dose data.
1] in the second-stage regression) from the component due to indirect association through an intermediate variable (by virtue of the estimated slope [[delta].
They are each measured by an index which takes on a value between zero and one; when the particular intermediate variable has no inhibiting effect its index acquires a value of one and if inhibition is complete it acquires a value of zero.
The three intermediate variables (transmission channels) looked at are investment, education and health.
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